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Qualis Test Systems audio switching matrices are the highest performance devices of this type available anywhere.

Extreme care has been taken in the design and layout to reduce crosstalk to almost unmeasurable levels, unmatched by any other switching matrix on the market.  

The internal circuit routing, ferrous enclosure and external power supply eliminate interfering mains hum from both internal and external sources.

The Qualis Test Systems switching matrices have been designed to eliminate common application errors.  Channel selection is clearly indicated by colored front panel LEDs.  Address selection switch settings are labeled on the product itself, eliminating the need to consult the manual. The QTS-2X12 output switching matrix connections to the generator are on the left while the QTS-12X2 input switching matrix analyzer connections are on the right; both are aligned with the usual locations on the test equipment.

Two pin sockets are provided on each channel for termination and back termination purposes. With output switching matrices, these allow back-termination of unselected DUT inputs with any desired source resistance.  Units are factory fitted with 600 Ohms. On input switching matrices, these allow termination of unselected DUT signals with any desired load. No input terminations are installed at the factory.

The unit is isolated from mains ground to reduce ground loops. A chassis ground screw is provided on the rear panel.

The QTS series switching matrices are supplied with rack ears and rubber feet as standard accessories. This allows rack mounting or desktop use without purchasing any additional accessories.
The Qualis Test Systems QTS-12X2 and QTS-2X12 have been designed to functionally replace competitive products. They do not require any changes to test set-ups or automation scripts in such applications.
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