Qualis Audio Sentinel, Surround sound audio metering system - qualisaudio.com/

The Sentinel is a network interfaced unattended audio QOE monitor. It measures a myriad of audio parameters including loudness and downmix compatibility. All measurements are logged may be alarmed. Both real time and logged data are available anywhere in the world, regardless of the Sentinel location, by using any standard web browser.

Qualis Audio Auditor, Surround sound audio monitor controller

The Auditor is an integrated surround monitor controller and audio measurement device. It provides extensive control over solo/mute, volume, balance and both environment and speaker simulation for mix engineers.

Qualis Test Systems high performance matrix switchers - web site: qualistest.com/

The Qualis Test Systems switchers allow switching test equipment between large numbers of inputs and outputs in automated test systems. They provide the highest performance available.

Audio Precision 2700 Series audio analyzer

The 2700 was an advancement over the System Two in both performance and capability. Twin digital outputs and inputs allowed measurement on dual interface devices. The sample rate range was extended, performance was increased and memory was greatly increased.

Audio Precision Portable One Dual Domain audio analyzer

This was the first portable test equipment capable of measuring audio signals in both the analog and digital domains.

Audio Precision System Two and System Two Dual Domain audio analyzer

The System Two represented a significant performance improvement over the System One and was the first digital audio measurement product to test jitter and interface performance aspects of AES/EBU digital audio interfaces.

Audio Precision System One Dual Domain audio analyzer

The S1 Dual Domain was the first device to measure distortion and other standard audio parameters entirely in the digital domain. It did so to 20bit performance levels and included many algorithms never before implemented. It employed 3 Motorola 56300 family DSPs in a multiprocessor configuration, the first product to do so.

Audio Precision DCX-127 Multifunction Module

The DCX added both DC and digital control capabilities to the AP measurement systems.

Audio Precision SWR-122 matrix switchers

The switchers expanded the stereo measurement capabilities of the System One to accommodate the large channel counts inherent in professional audio mixers and multichannel amplifiers. They provided inter-channel isolation consistent with the performance of state-of-the-art professional audio equipment.

Audio Precision System One audio analyzer

The System One was the first computer controlled audio measurement system bundled with control software which allowed complete characterization of audio equipment with no programming knowledge on the part of the user. It was revolutionary and enabled rapid advances in the audio industry due to the automation of previously tedious measurements.

Tektronix SG5010 Programmable signal generator / Tektronix AA501 Audio distortion analyzer

The SG5010 was the first programmable audio signal generator. It produced low distortion test signals with frequency synthesizer accuracy and agility. The AA501 was the first fully automatic audio distortion analyzer. No presetting of measurement frequency was required, simply apply an input signal and it made all required measurements. Its performance was state-of-the-art in all respects.

Biamp Systems EQ-140 Parametric equalizer

This was a flexible and very high performance parametric EQ designed on a consulting basis. The project included all aspects of the design and documentation (including the user manual) except the mechanical package.