High Performance Audio Test Equipment
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High Performance Audio Switching Matrices
The QTS family of high performance audio switching matrices provide expansion of two channel audio test equipment to multiple channels of input and output. They are available in three basic models, each available with a choice of connector types.
The QTS-2X12 interfaces the two outputs of an audio test system to as many as 192 inputs of a device under test.
The QTS-12X2 interfaces up to 192 outputs of a device under test to the two inputs of an audio test system.
The QTS-2772 interfaces up to seven outputs and simultaneously interfaces up to seven inputs of a device under test to the two inputs and outputs of an audio test system.

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QuickTest™ operational verification* 

Instruments now include a set of files, the QuickTest™ suite of tests, which can be used to rapidly verify unit functionality when used in conjunction with an Audio Precision test system.  These are supplied on the CD-ROM packaged with the unit.

* QuickTest is a trademark of Qualis Test Systems, Inc.

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