Broadcast Loudness and QoE Monitoring

The Qualis Audio Sentinel has all your loudness measurement and logging requirements covered. Moreover, it measures virtually every parameter necessary to ensure optimum audio reaches your viewers. It operates unattended, reducing personnel requirements, and gives instant access to all measurements, whether seconds ago, or months ago.

The Sentinel proves compliance with the CALM Act, and delivers a competitive advantage in improved viewer audio QoE.

CALM Act Loudness Compliance

Conforms to ITU-R BS.1770, ATSC A/85 and EBU R128 standards. Continuous metering, display, alarming and logging of all standardized loudness parameters. Patent-pending Dual Stream™ technology measures interleaved commercial and program segments simultaneously.

Unattended Operation with Alarms

Puts an electronic listener and a cyber technician on constant watch, eliminating continuous aural checks by skilled listeners, plus monitoring the technical integrity of the audio stream.

Archival Logs

Every measured parameter, at your fingertips. The Sentinel saves 25 hours of log data internally which can be automatically transferred to your long-term storage repository.

Loudness and QA Forensics™ Toolbox

Not just logs, but comprehensive tools to investigate loudness exceptions and quality-of-service issues. The same displays employed when measuring and reporting errors in real-time are there for analysis of all your logged data.

Quantitative Downmix Analysis

Identifies stereo and mono downmix issues using patent-pending technology, eliminates the need to monitor or interpret graphical displays, and can generate alarms from objective quality criteria.

Comprehensive Metadata

Fully displays PCM and Dolby Digital metadata; patent-pending technology detects intra- and interchannel errors and inconsistencies.