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Creative Community: Don't Tread On My Audio
Michael Grotticelli, Broadcast Engineering, 19-May-12

Writer Michael Grotticelli talks with Richard Cabot, founder and CTO of Qualis Audio, about how broadcasters are responding to CALM Act mandates and how this may impact audio quality. Topics include the effects of audio compressors and the pitfalls of an overly simplistic approach to measuring and managing loudness. They discuss the effect of downmixing on loudness and how it depends on the type of audio content.

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Qualis Audio Sentinel
Joey Gill, TV Technology, 16-Apr-12

TV Technology reviewer Joey Gill tries out the Qualis Audio Sentinel and provides a very down-to-earth description of what he discovers. His comments range from “don't expect to operate this package on a really junky PC,” to “this box is very powerful and I have only scratched the surface.”

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Qualis Audio’s Sentinel
Richard Cabot, Broadcast Engineering, 1-Apr-12

An overview of the Qualis Audio Sentinel's capabilities as an audio monitor – an “electronic listener” capable of either unattended operation or assisting a skilled operator, it provides quantitative measurement of loudness and a comprehensive set of audio quality metrics.


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Sentinel v1.34a firmware update announced
August 6, 2013

This update features VisiLog reports, which combines Sentinel measurement data with as-run schedule information. It provides a basic set of reports, and both content and format are highly configurable, allowing reports to be created for spe- cific needs. VisiLog includes a flexible graphing capability for timeline displays of measurement data. It supports PDF, Excel, XML output formats.

Other enhancements include improved UTC time synchronization of measurements, more reliable updating of log repository data, and support for support EBU R128 loudness standards.

The release notes are available for download. To obtain the firmware update itself, please contact Qualis Audio.


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Media Technology Expo 2013
Seattle, October 1, 2013
Portland, October 3, 2013

See us in the Western Rep Associates booth.

Qualis Audio staff will be available to answer your questions about the Sentinel surround sound audio monitor. We will be demonstrating loudness measurement and logging for CALM act compliance, highlighting the new Sentinel VisiLog reporting capability.

Contact us if you'd like an appointment.